Konica AR Mount & Nikon F Mount

Here is the detailed look at both mounts; the Nikon F and the Konica AR. Bayonets on these are almost identical. Both have three tabs on the flange which are positioned almost exactly like the other. As a result, the AR-mount lens fits comfortably inside the Nikon F-mount. Once the flange sits nicely inside the camera mount, you need to turn the Konica AR lens in the opposite direction of how you’d normally mount a F-mount lens because of the way stoppers are situated.

The center top of the AR lens even ends up roughly in the center which is nice. You’re not going to hear the final ‘click’ as you mount. You somehow need to know instinctively when to stop turning. I stop as soon as I feel a hint of resistance. That’s when the top of the lens sits roughly in the center and the fit is firm enough to operate the lens and the camera. You DO NOT want to force rotate it more than you need to. You don’t want to find out what happens then.
Konica AR-mount on Nkion F-mount

Konica AR-mount on Nkion F-mount

And here it is on the Nikon D90. Of course, everything is manual and there is no focus to infinity. Also, unfortunately for the D90, there is no metering. But just look at that fit! And the Konica Hexanon is one darn good lens. Takes beautiful pictures and super crisp.
Konica AR-mount on Nkion F-mount

Example shot with Konica Hexanon 50mm monuted on Nikon D90
Konica AR-mount on Nkion F-mount

Another AR+F mount example: Vivitar MC 28mm Konica AR mount

*Please note: if you are attempting this fit, do it at your own risk. This particular combination has caused no damage to my Nikon but I’m not making any guarantees.

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