Canon Xti Repair – Part 2

Canon Xti repair part 1
The ribbon connector attached to this part (the lens communication pin assembly) is really all I needed to fix the lens communication and bring the auto-focus back. But unfortunately, I discovered the hard way that this piece isn’t simply replaceable by itself.

Canon Xti in parts

I got my hands on the Xti donor number one. The donor had damages beyond any hopes of repair but all I needed is a ribbon connector so I started taking it apart. However, as you can see in the picture, the ribbon connector is routed into the mirror assembly. This meant I’d have to dismantle the entire shutter mechanism attached to the mirror box. There were myriads of tiny gears, levers, and springs that I knew was impossible to put back once taken apart. My Xti is at least half functioning – it works fine with manual lenses. And I don’t want it to be fully broken. Therefore the risk was just too high only to get the auto focus back.

Canon Xti in parts

Canon Xti in parts

So my choices are either live without the auto focus or get another donor and awap out the entire mirror box and shutter assembly. So I chose the latter.
Canon Xti repair part 3

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